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More senior management control, oversight part of growing global risk standardization trend
17 Jun 2022
The momentum behind mandatory climate-risk disclosure is building globally. By acting now on its own proposed rule change, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would provide a much stronger foundation for markets to stand on, and the US would remain a global rule-maker, rather than becoming a rule-taker
20 Jun 2022
Scope 4 measurement serves as positive reinforcement, fostering innovation in low-emission products and encouraging big emitters to scale up their transition efforts. It is different from the punitive nature of Scope 1 to 3 measurements where at-risk entities are red-flagged for their high emissions.
10 Jun 2022
Without significant exposure to Russia, Chinese banks unaffected by conflict, sanctions
7 Jun 2022
The head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has called on his peers to act with more urgency on climate change, lamenting that the global recovery from the pandemic is being supported by the continued use of fossil fuel.
6 Jun 2022
Strong investor demand for Asian, particularly Chinese, funds mean managers must repackage assets accordingly
6 Jun 2022
Similar actions in US, Hong Kong pave way for fund regulators, investors worldwide
27 May 2022
Singapore-based fintech firm Hashstacs (STACS) has launched ESGpedia, a registry platform which will power the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Project Greenprint.
25 May 2022
Fully integrated investment approach and talent supply are key
24 May 2022
Hong Kong-based Intensel is leading the race to find solutions in a region where the participation of businesses in a bid to meet the Paris targets and SDGs is crucial as governments move to tighten policy with the aim of meeting these targets.
23 May 2022
A task force convened by the Monetary Authority of Singapore has published the second version of its green and transition taxonomy. The document, which builds on the earlier taxonomy proposed by the Green Finance Industry Taskforce (GFIT) in January 2021, details threshol
20 May 2022
Dozens of top companies participate in process aiming promote ESG development
12 May 2022
A number of Asian countries are more vulnerable to climate change due to greater exposure to risks arising from misalignment with low-carbon transition, according to a new report. Corporates and financial institutions in the region can alleviate such threats, and be better positioned to seize related opportunities, by adopting proactive climate risk analysis and management, according to the report, Pricing Climate Risks in Asia, from Center for Green Finance Research (CGFR) under Tsinghua University’s National Institute of Financial Research.
25 Apr 2022