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Understanding ESG
Growing demand by banking customers for sustainable banking services in region
3 Aug 2022
Aims to raise focus on how wasteful habits cause pollution, adversely effect wildlife
3 Aug 2022
In gatherings this summer and later this year, G20 member states will confront a raft of global issues that require their attention and cooperation. But while inter-governmental cooperation is crucial, so, too, are strategies to leverage the ingenuity and capacity of businesses and the financial industry.
31 Jul 2022
Company on a mission to stop the flow of plastic waste into nature
28 Jul 2022
No one doubts that Europe will need to increase its use of liquefied natural gas, continue burning coal over the next few years, and do more to help vulnerable communities and some industries manage higher energy costs. But how policymakers approach these tasks will be truly decisive for the long-term future
28 Jul 2022
Owing to climate change and land degradation, droughts are becoming more frequent, more severe, and more widespread. Building national and regional risk management systems that can endure what is coming will require political will and significantly more international cooperation
26 Jul 2022
Activist legal challenges argue the toss about legalistic nuances – immaterial in real world
25 Jul 2022
Unprecedented extreme-heat episodes like the heatwave in India and Pakistan this spring and the 2021 heat dome in the Pacific Northwest are a preview of what awaits us on a warming planet. Unless we improve our early-warning and response systems, the number of excess deaths each year will increase
20 Jul 2022
Because the changes needed to achieve sustainable well-being for everyone are so big, they require determined social movements with wide participation. But while history shows that inertia and defeatism can become self-fulfilling, it also shows that governments ultimately have to respond to popular pressure – or be replaced by it.
14 Jul 2022
Citi Pride Affinity named best employee network and Angel Ng, best responsible leader in Asia
11 Jul 2022
Results enable asset manager to improve knowledge, transparency on environmental impacts
5 Jul 2022
Club aims to forge cooperation on climate change, push for decarbonization of industrial sectors
30 Jun 2022
There is no question that the world must cut its reliance on fossil fuels. But building more hydroelectric dams – especially in highly biodiverse river basins, such as the Amazon, the Brahmaputra, the Congo and the Mekong – is not the way to do it
30 Jun 2022
Marginal improvements insufficient to meet 2050 goal, 8% to 10% annual reductions needed
29 Jun 2022