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Understanding ESG
Operating in Taiwan’s highly competitive market, Magi Chen, president and chief executive officer of E.Sun Financial Holdings has steered her organization through a number of challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic to ongoing geopolitical tensions. Under her watch, the bank delivered a solid financial performance in 2021, including a record-high net profit of NT$20.6 billion (US$690 million) and the highest return on equity compared to local peers.
6 Feb 2023
The frontier Mekong economies of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam face varying degrees of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks with moderately to very highly negative impacts on their current sovereign ratings, according to Moody’s Investors Service.
1 Feb 2023
Hanneke Smits long-time champion of improving gender diversity in workplace
8 Feb 2023
The supportive environment in 2021 that enabled issuers and borrowers to gain easier access to equity and debt capital markets to raise funds has completely disappeared last year. That’s how a senior banker described 2022 as deal volumes across G3 bonds and initial public offerings in Asia, outside of Japan and Australasia, plunged against a backdrop of rising interest rates, higher inflation, volatile commodity prices and elevated geopolitical tensions.
7 Feb 2023
Those who gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting this year were not wrong to fear that globalization is in retreat for the first time since 1945. Though the economic case for free trade and deepening integration remains sound, it has always been missing a critical element
3 Feb 2023
The dominance of national security hawks continues to distort economic policy and impede the delivery of global public goods. Unless this changes, we may well find ourselves living in a world that is irrevocably split, roiled by climate change, and hurtling toward all-out conflict
1 Feb 2023
Speeding up the adoption of already proven and scalable technologies, and exposing the many hidden costs associated with fossil fuels, is a necessary goal. Achieving it will require new policies to guide investments in the right direction, and techno-optimists ought to be the loudest advocates
30 Jan 2023
Six decades after the green revolution began, the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence may usher in another agricultural transformation. By enabling farmers to grow more while using fewer resources and generating less waste, these tools could make food more sustainable, accessible and cheaper to produce
26 Jan 2023
Investors line up to pump capital into credible corporate plans on climate transition
19 Jan 2023
To mitigate the worst effects of climate change and prevent societal breakdown, we must shift to renewable energies and reduce extreme inequality. But doing so would require massive increases in public spending, which is why governments must overhaul their outdated and regressive tax systems
18 Jan 2023
As part of Asset Benchmark Research’s (ABR) annual review and recognition of the leading companies in Asia, we assessed what were the best ESG practices being executed in the region during the review period. ESG Awards
9 Jan 2023
After a year of energy shocks, natural disasters and calls for new investments in hydrocarbons, efforts to reduce our fossil fuel dependency have gained greater urgency. While the world made some additional progress in 2022 to address climate change and protect nature, much remains to be done to overcome entrenched interests.
7 Jan 2023
While some believe that economic growth is incompatible with fighting climate change, only growing economies can produce the financial resources needed to make the transition to a net-zero economy. Accelerating global growth could bring lower-income households into the middle class and build infrastructure to reduce emissions
5 Jan 2023
Much-hyped clean hydrogen is increasingly heralded as the best alternative to fossil fuels. But to prevent it from becoming another excuse for greenwashing, Western policymakers must work with their counterparts in the Global South to create an economically viable sector with strong environmental and social standards
3 Jan 2023