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Artificial intelligence is being designed and deployed by corporate America in ways that will disempower and displace workers and degrade the consumer experience, ultimately disappointing most investors. Yet economic history shows that it does not have to be this way
8 Feb 2023
European securitization volumes have fallen dramatically in recent years and the market has become a sideshow. Thoughts about how to give it back its mojo, meanwhile, are anything but aligned. But is the narrative starting to shift in favour of regulatory liberalization?
7 Feb 2023
The emergence of powerful new tools like ChatGPT represents a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence while highlighting the need for regulatory intervention. To protect the public interest, policymakers must prevent this nascent market from becoming dominated by a handful of giant private companies
6 Feb 2023
Forced to stay at home by stringent zero-Covid lockdowns, Chinese stashed US$3.9 trillion in bank deposits last year. While many economists are pinning their hopes for a global recovery on a “revenge spending” spree by Chinese consumers, the increase in savings largely reflects economic uncertainty, rather than pent-up demand
6 Feb 2023
Those who gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting this year were not wrong to fear that globalization is in retreat for the first time since 1945. Though the economic case for free trade and deepening integration remains sound, it has always been missing a critical element
3 Feb 2023
The real problem confronting European manufacturing is not the threat of factory closures. It is that, compared with the United States and China, Europe has fallen far behind in the race to accumulate, and benefit from, the cloud capital that represents the future of profit in industries like electric cars and green energy
2 Feb 2023
It is hard to reconcile the jubilant mood of many business leaders with the uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine. While there are some positive signs of economic recovery, a sudden escalation could severely destabilize the global economy, cause a stock market crash and accelerate deglobalization
2 Feb 2023
One might argue that central banks’ interest rate hikes and hawkish inflation rhetoric are working: inflation expectations have stabilized in the eurozone, US and UK. But there is reason to fear that policymakers are going too far too fast, especially in Europe, where the energy crisis is eroding real disposable incomes
1 Feb 2023
A careful look at US economic conditions supports the view that inflation was driven mainly by supply-side disruptions and shifts in the pattern of demand. Given this, further interest rate hikes will have little to no effect – and will cause far-reaching problems of their own
30 Jan 2023
Six decades after the green revolution began, the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence may usher in another agricultural transformation. By enabling farmers to grow more while using fewer resources and generating less waste, these tools could make food more sustainable, accessible and cheaper to produce
26 Jan 2023
As we enter the last full trading week of January, it is just me or is credit market sentiment in a better place than it was as we headed into the year-end break? And has the overall tone improved as the year has progressed? It certainly feels that way and it’s almost a little odd. Everyone had gone into the end of 2022 feeling rather gloomy because it’d been a long year and constantly trying to factor in the impacts of so many economic and geopolitical headwinds that had made markets volatile and uncertain was just exhausting.
26 Jan 2023
While heavy-handed regulation is not the answer to artificial intelligence development, the current regulatory vacuum must be filled, and that process demands broad-based global engagement
19 Jan 2023
A failure to get ahead of the developing world’s looming debt crises would represent a moral failure, and would also greatly dampen world economic growth. The international community must finish what it started with the G20's Common Framework, by finding a way to bring China and major private creditors on board
17 Jan 2023
Given all the economic disappointments in 2022, the outlook for the new year is quite downbeat, with recession fears dominating much of the conversation. But an old finance industry heuristic and recent developments in the real economy may now have weakened the pessimists’ case.
16 Jan 2023